Tomorrow’s Solutions

Tomorrow’s Solutions

Low GWP ORC Working Fluid Replacement

Honeywell is developing a non-flammable low-global-warming replacement for Genetron 245fa that offers potential improvements in cycle performance.

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Demand Grows for LGWP ORC Working Fluid

With the substantial energy producing and operating savings realized from ORC systems, the need for new working fluids is growing. From the exploration of ORC systems for use in transportation applications to the accelerating expansion of geothermal power stations, ORC is being considered for many industrial, municipal and government projects.

Honeywell is working to bring you the next generation of working fluid products as alternatives to 134a and 245fa that will offer:

  • Ultra Low-Global-Warming Potential – GWP values are orders of magnitude lower than existing HFCs, and comparable with hydrocarbons.
  • Performance – Potential improvements in system efficiency compared with some existing HFCs.
  • Safety – Safer than highly flammable hydrocarbon working fluids with low toxicity.
  • Cost – Comparable system economics to working fluids in use today.

ORC 2011 Delft Presentation

Technical Paper Abstract: Low Global Warming Fluids for Replacement of HFC-245fa and HFC-134a in ORC Applications